Wondering what to do in such a small village?

Here you find few ideas, if you need more information about any of the activities below get in touch with us and we will direct you to the more suitable service provider.

flour and egg on a wooden table

Cooking Classes

“For Italians, cooking is an extension of love”. 

One of the best thing you can learn from Italians is cooking. Learning from a chef  can be a fun experience for you and your family. During these  hands-on cooking class you will learn how to prepare a delicious Tuscan meal that will impress your friends at home. The choice of ingredients can be done at the local market or from an organic vegetable garden.

Wine Tasting

“In Tuscany wine means culture, It means family and friends, it’s the art of living”.

Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Syrah and many more. Produced by small authentic family-run wineries or famous and prestigious big wine makers; the choice is yours.

City tour

Lucignano is set half way between Siena and Arezzo with easy access to the Highway. 

Due to its position, it is the perfect peaceful base to visit the most touristy cities and iconic places like Firenze, Perugia, Cortona, Pisa, Siena and Arezzo to name a few.


Tuscany is famous for its curvy and breathtaking landscapes.

 There are many guided trekking tours to book or you can also adventure on your own, following one of the CAI (English Italian Alpin Club) itineraries that abound all over this rich and beautiful region.

People walking in the countryside

Horse Riding

For those wishing to enjoy a full immersion in nature we suggest to discover Val Di Chiana on horseback. 

An expert guide will accompany you through hilltop routes, wood trails and white country roads. Start imaging yourself surrounded by the sound of nature.

Bike Rental

One of the best way to explore Val Di Chiana is by bike, some routes will lead you to the hearth of our countryside. 

Remember that the Tuscan hills will make you pay on the way up, but the fun is well worth the price.

Bike in under an olive tree

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